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Tagged by :iconhoney-boy:. Thanks so much for the tag btw!!!!!:heart:
1) Choose one of your own characters.

2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Then, tag three people  
4) Feel free to add some questions of your own.
Chosen OC's name: PETER WOLF (but I couldn't really choose between my lil' darlings so I decided to leave ATLAS ALCOTT in a corner of the room so he can speak whenever he wants to)

1) What gender are you?

2) What is your age?
P:"I'm 20 years old."
A:"hehe Actually he's still 19, but he enjoys playing the grown-up"
A:"What? You can't stop me from still seeing you as the lil' kid you are"
A:"You see?!"
P:"Atlas! Could you just shut up!I'm the one supposed to talk here and I just want to end this thing as quickly as possible, so please shut up and let's go on with this cr*beeeep*"
P:"sorry...(not sorry)"
3) Do you want a hug?
A:"Please excuse him...he's a little shy with strangers."
P:"What? It's not my fault! This dude is weird!"
A:"Let's just proceed..."
4) Do you have any bad habits?
A:"ohh...He has A LOT of bad habits: he smokes too much, he drinks too much, he has a sort of emmhh..."killing people" mania, he gets easily angry (and you don't wanna see him me...); but nevertheless he is a nice fellow, you just need to get to know him, as I did.
P:"I'll take that as a compliment...thanks."
A:"No problem, brother.Oh!I almost forgot, don't you ever call him "Pete", if you do, you'll receive a punch in the face for sure! I'm the only one allowed to call him Pete, right Pete?"
5) What is your favorite food?
P:"Well, I like chocolate...a lot. There isn't any food I really dislike, except for tomatoes. I can't stand tomatoes, it gives me creeps just to see some..."
7) Are you good-looking?
P:"Are the questions going to get more and more stupid every time?"
A:"You don't want to start a fight, right? Just answer to the mysterious interviewer's voice."
P:"...I dunno...You tell me, mysterious interviewer's voice."
A:"lol you're too modest!"
8) Have you killed anyone?
P:"I knew something wasn't right here! Who sent you? ARE YOU A COP?!"
A:"PETER! PUT THE GUN DOWN! FOR GOODNESS SAKE, IT'S JUST A QUESTION!!! None of us will answer this question...
9) Do you hate anyone?
P:"Too many people to list them"
10) Do you have any secrets?
P:"That's a secret. Not telling you."
11) What is your favorite season?
P:"Winter I guess..."
12) Who are your best friends?
P:"Atlas Alcott. We've known each other for 5 years and he's actually more like a brother than a friend. He changed my life, I was alone before he came. I owe him everything. He's the only one who really knows everything about me and understands me, the only one who will ever make me laugh so hard to cause headaches to both of us. He's the most stupid person I've ever known and the best on the entire planet too."
A:"You lil' brat! I love you too, man!"
P:"Haha! Is that a tear? Man, he's moved!"
A:"You shut up or I'm gonna hug you!"
13) What are your hobbies?
P:"At and I have a band, we play mostly jazz. I mainly play the piano, but I can play the violin too (just a little). I really love dancing, especially tap dance. I enjoy reading and shooting (those two things don't sound very well in the same sentence...) and I love composing our music with Atlas, I don't think we would be able to compose alone.
14) Have you ever cross-dressed?
P:"The hell?!"
15) When is your birthday?
P:"17th September."
A:"Mine is 9th December."

16) What age did you die?
P:"WHAT THE?! Man, you've got issues!
17) Are you nice or mean?
P:"I don't want to say I'm nice...but not mean...I'm particular."
A:"No, he's nice."
P:"Thanks At"
18) What do you think of your creator?
P:"She's quite particular, she's a bold one, but sometimes I'm afraid she lives more with her characters than in the real world..."
19) What is your weakness?
P:"My past. and I smoke."
A:"And he's very vengeful."
P:"Is that supposed to be a weakness?"
A:"Yeeeeees, it is."
20) How long can you stay under water?
P:"I really dunno..."
21) What do you do on a regular day basis?
P:"Generally Atlas and I play in the hotel's dining room 
for luch. We are free for the rest of the day, so we compose together or do stuff, unless Vincent, our friend from the police, has some work for us. In that case, we spend the day playing like "lil' detectives". And in the evening we go back to our job at the hotel, and we play in the secret basement together with the band til night."
22) Do you love someone?
P:"...well...if with "love" you also mean "friendship", then yes. But I'm not in love with any woman, no. Of course I really love women, but I don't need nor want a steady relationship. A night is enough for me...*Does the attractive smirk*"
23) Does that person love you back?
A:"You know I love you too, Pete!"
P:"lol we've got to stop all this, or they'll start thinking we're gay..."
A:"I agree lol"
24) Do you like the person you stole this meme from?
P:"I've never met her personally, but she's really a great artist! and her character, Billy, is...well an old friend of ours, the only child I've ever liked!lol"
25) What do you consider fun in the day time?
P:"Jut doing stupid stuff with At and having fun, and of course I love playing."
26) At night?
P: "Well, a lady's company is really appreci---"
P:"What? okay...well, let's just say that sometimes I like to spend some time just thinking, in the silence of the night."
27) What sort of physique do you have?
P: "I'm thin and quite muscular."
28) Do you like your body?
P:"Well...the ladies seems to like it. lol I'm just kidding...Actually I wish I was taller...I'm quite...short...actually... I'm very...short"
A:"Don't worry Pete, you're not that short..."
P:"Thanks, Atlas!"
A:"...for a"
29) What mood are you in?
P:"Right now? In the mood that is called 'I can't wait to end this stupid meme'."
30) Say that you were trapped in a closet with your crush for 2 days straight. What would you do?
P:"That's private...but you guess"
31) Wow, really?
P:"What did you expect?"
32) What is your place of origin?
P:"I was born in Berlin, I lived there for 14 years, then I run away from home and got enlisted, so I spent a year fighting in Austria, and now I've been living in the United States with Atlas for five years or more. But yay...technically I'm German. But no one, except Atlas, knows."
33) Large or small family?
P:"I don't want to talk about my family. They never were a family to me. Who says your family has to have your same blood or your same appearance?"
A:"I agree."
P:"hehe...I know you do"
34) What's the origin of your name?
P:"I have no idea...Peter is a quite common name in German..."
35) Do you have a phobia?
P:"Don't think so."
36) Piercing/tattoos?
39) If you could say one thing to your creator right now, anything at all, what would it be?
P:"Get to work!"
41) Say you were locked in a room with the person you hated most for a full day. What would you do to pass the time?
42) What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you?
P:"My life is all a"
A:"yay I can prove that! lol"
45) What do you like most about your crush?
P:"I don't have a crush!"
46) Do you think anyone has a crush on you?
A:"mmhh...I don't think so! Don't you remember that guy, a friend of a friend of ours, who was having lunch with us some weeks ago, and for the whole time was tracing patterns into your thigh with his hand, and you couldn't get his hand away, without letting everyone notice what was happening? You were so embaracced! I was trying very hard not to laugh and I wasn't able to help you! Then the guy's hand reached your crotch and...and you just stood up like your chair was on fire and said that you needed to go outside to smoke!oh my...that was fantastic...
P:"...Thank you for reminding me that..."
A:"haha...I'm sorry Pete, I just couldn't help it, I needed to tell someone..."
P:"...I wish I could punch you in the face right now..."
A:"lol...anyway if that helps, every lady in town that has ever seen you has a crush on you Pete!lol why shouldn't men too..."
47) What is, in your eyes, the best characteristic about yourself?
P:"I...I don't know...I'm ruthless..."
A:"But human after all."
48) Anything else you'd like to say to these people?
P:"All of you, learn to live your life as you want it, without being worried about breaking rules or being different. What is considered right, isn't always that right after all. No one can tell you who you are or what the world is like. You've got to find out on your own. I'm still seeking for answers, and I'll never stop."
A:"Wow, that was petic! Great work!"
P:"yay!I know, right? You see? sometimes I can be smart too hehe"
49) Well, that's about it for now i guess
P:"Finally...Atlas bring me home, please..."
A:"lol...Bye everyone and thanks!"

THE END:heart:

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  • Reading: Scott McCloud's book about comics
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Micol Osti
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hello! So my name is Micol Osti, but you can call me Mickey if ya want ;) I live in Italy, though I am for a half Danish.
I'm 14 years old and I have great dreams and plans for my fact I might have too many...:T Well, dreaming is not a crime anyway! it?
I am studiyng languages at school so I'm a self taught "artist". I don't really want to call myself an artist, because I'm not; the road is still long for me and, as Yoda would say, always in motion, is the future. And many possible futures, there are.
Thanks to everyone for your support, your tips and critics!

Live long and prosper and may the Force be with you <3

:heart:MY FANDOMS: I am a big Fan of Tintin, Star Wars (especially TCW), Start Treck, PKNA, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Supernatural, everything Disney, TMNT, Castle, Sherlock BBC, DAFT PUNK, Phineas & Ferb, Quentin Tarantino, OZ, Sergio Leone, HP and much more...

Some of my amazing friends: :iconherlizandos::iconhoney-boy::icontheitaliangirl92::iconnarixam859::iconladywolfstyle:

Artists that I really admire::iconphobs0::icontracyjb::iconchacckco::iconcanadian-rainwater::iconxamag::icondrkav::icontombancroft::iconritam::iconherlizandos:

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Thanks for the :+fav:
Woodpeckery Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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